Brooklyn fiddle lessons / Manhattan fiddle lessons

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Looking for a teacher who can show not just how to play, but how to play with people?

I’m building a fiddle teaching studio in Brooklyn serving Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, Crown Heights, and other local neighborhoods.

In my own playing, my current focus is on Irish repertoire and technique. But I am able to teach the following as well:

  • New learners
  • Intro to violin technique; sightreading; learning by ear
  • Intro to American traditional fiddle styles
  • Intro to Scottish and Quebecois traditional fiddle
  • Working music theory for fiddlers: chord recognition, progressions, solos, and accompaniment
  • How to play for community dances
  • How to play and enjoy at Irish sessions

Briefly, about my background and beliefs:

  • I like meet learners where they are on a variety of spectra: hearing vs. visual, melodic vs. chord-based, fiddle vs. classical, scripted vs. improvisational, etc. If you have a preference on any of these axes, or if you are interested in making a transition into a new territory, I will have your back!
  • Self-direction is really important to me, particularly in working with young learners to preserve and encourage it.
  • I have my MS.Ed. and NYS teaching certification (albeit for English), if you take delight in the fancy papers.

The music endeavor also invites personal growth, and with any luck, that is immanent in the lessons as well. We all have hesitations to shake off and new mental muscles to tone, but I can’t put it better than these two:

Vulnerability is the essence of being human and alive. ― Madeline Bruser, The Art of Practicing

“If a musician wants to become a fine artist, he must first become a finer person.” ― Shinichi Suzuki


My teaching studio is in Crown Heights, or I am willing to travel to you for an additional fee.

Just drop a line at m(period)andrews(period)christian(at)gmail(dotcom).