Brooklyn fiddle lessons / Brooklyn violin lessons

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I’m thrilled to be establishing a violin and fiddle teaching studio in Brooklyn, serving Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Carroll Gardens, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, and other local neighborhoods, as well as Manhattan by request.

There’s no better way to convey the enthusiasm and efficacy that my lessons are producing than by trying it out, and I’d encourage any learner to stop in for a one-off lesson, just to see how it feels. My strong suspicion is that you’ll be looking for more!

Briefly, about my background and beliefs:

  • I’ve had many teachers, in many styles, meaning that I’m unusually able to meet learners where they are on a variety of spectra: aural vs. visual, melodic vs. chord-based, fiddle vs. classical, proper vs. improvisational, etc. If you’re making a transition between any of these things, I’d love to talk.
  • Self-direction is really important to me, particularly in working with young learners to preserve and encourage it.
  • I do have an Ms.Ed. and NYS teaching certification from my public school days, so consider that an added credential, and feel free to ask for a reference to someone I’m working with if you’d like to hear more.


I currently teach at home in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, but it’s also possible to arrange travel to in-home lessons in the local area. Just drop a line at m(period)andrews(period)christian(at)gmail(dotcom).