Matthew Christian and Max Carmichael

With thoughtful musicianship crossing between Irish, American, and contemporary material, Matthew Christian and Max Carmichael are one of the most exciting traditional duos emerging from the New York area.

Max Carmichael has been playing music in some form for the last 18 years. He spent much of his early years absorbed in blues and the folk music of America. Curiosity and a love of folk music from around the world later took him to India, where he studied Hindustani classical music under Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya for three years. Most recently, Max has immersed himself in the New York Irish scene as a player of guitar, banjo, bouzouki, and tin whistle, and has quickly become one of the area’s most sought-after accompanists for his clean, thoughtful approach.

Together, Matthew and Max’s blend of mutual accompaniment, close listening, and trans-genre traditional and original music makes an experience to be remembered. Hear them Sundays at Sutton Bar Room, on tour, and on their forthcoming album.